Black Sabbatha

Black Sabbatha
a Concept/Tribute to
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Our concept/tribute would deeply appreciate your support and contributions of your donations.  We are looking to secure a tour bus to accommodate our equipment and ourselves.  We also are in need of sponsors for video wall's, lighting and some extras for our existing musical equipment. We are happy to promote any and all who sponsor our cause.  Your help will get us the show we want to give you. Please Donate NOW! and help us meet our goals and fund our mission together. Thank you, Black Sabbatha.

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Black Sabbatha Whiskey Hollywood CA Next show rescheduled

Clips from our fans and Friends  October 26th at The Whiskey aGoGo Now Black Sabbatha returns Soon as our Sprin-g2020 show WILL Be Rescheduled SEPTEMBER 25th Look for the moment We get the ALL CLEAR a Date will be posted With The great line up of Awesome Headliner Rock.
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The beginning of our story starts here


Graveyard and Eerie forest sets the beginning as the thunder n rain falls the Bells ring in the distance...

The story centers around the High Priestess of the Dead. Accompanied by  her Skull Demon  Guards performing a ritual of summoning gone awry.  With Ne'Fairyous' Sabbatha's familiar and mischief maker.


Booking an Event?

We are the concept/tribute Performing our story with music of Black Sabbath in the Los Angeles area. We created a story that is inspired by the greatest Hard n Heavy rock band. We are now expanding the show to theatrical stages and looking to take the Show on the Road. We have created a fascinating show of Good vs Evil set in a eerie haunting forest setting


Always Something Going On

With her transformations of different characters, Black Sabbatha is Keeping the Audiences in suspense and excited to see what Sabbatha will do next.  Audiences Cheer and Sing along to the hits we all grew up with from the greatest heaviest Band that set the mark of ROCK n Roll, 

"Black Sabbath"

Black Sabbatha at Garden AMP - Locker Room March 27th Friday

After opening up the night on the Main Stage Black Sabbath gave an Encore performance inside the Locker Room. Celebrating
The Birthday of Jon Ozzy Osbourne'
"...Thank you  Prince of Darkness' With out he' None of this would BE!"

About Us


Black Sabbatha in the Yantra Dome

What was to be a big show in the concert dome, turned into a Cool Ass Intimate 360 Immersive Halloween Event with Black Sabbatha 

Halloween w/Black Sabbatha at WisDoemLA 2019

A spooktackular has gathered downtown and the Witches have performed the welcoming of a great Hallows' All Saint celebrations.... We Danced with the dead buried our past with all the elements of Earth Air Fire n Water...
Now it is up to YOU!

At WisDomeLA... We all raise the love Fill the Good Vibrations in the Domes'

Black Sabbatha War Pigs at Viper Room

 Black Sabbatha   Viper Room August 12th 2019  Monday Sunset JAM #184  8pm Open Act   Lisa O'Neal - Sabbatha Jimmy Manzo - Skull Butler Jimmy Silcox - Skull Iommi Bob Brunner - Skull Ward Dawn Marlowe - Nefairyous  An eventful night for us opening up for Ruby Carrera and the Sunset JAM on Monday Nights 

Black Sabbatha

Or first video we feel worthy of your souls....

The Concept is Live

The Arena Simi Valley CA

The Arena Simi Valley CA

The Arena Simi Valley CA


Black Sabbatha's debut R'October 19th 2018 Friday night hosted by Rock Avenue Records USA. Accompanied by Lady Stalker' a female lead punk band. 

PCH Club Long Beach CA

The Arena Simi Valley CA

The Arena Simi Valley CA


Black Sabbatha closing the night in Long Beach with three great bands:
DIA - Dio
Ed Force One - Iron Maiden
Disraeli Gears - Cream

Peties Place Tarzana CA

The Arena Simi Valley CA

Peties Place Tarzana CA


With her rituals in the Forrest and the fascination with the Spirits.  The Skull of
SID is the vessel that holds the souls of Black Sabbatha.

The Concept

The tribute to Black Sabbath

Peties Place Tarzana CA


Sabbatha embodies the songs with her raw emotion's and movement giving life to the stories of "Black Sabbath"


The tribute to Black Sabbath

The tribute to Black Sabbath



The High Priestess of the Dead weaving her magical spell.

The tribute to Black Sabbath

The tribute to Black Sabbath

The tribute to Black Sabbath


Playing the timeless tales of Black Sabbath, feeling the songs deep in our souls while  bringing the stories of the song's to life, we all find ourselves singing along with Sabbatha and her band of demons and unexpected summoning's...